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Quick Facts

  • The easiest way to maximize your tire life, is to maintain the pressure in it.
  • It takes on average 30 minutes to check the tire pressures on a tractor – trailer.
  • There are approximately 22 gallons of oil in each truck tire.

The Effects of Proper Tire Pressures

The most common tire problem is underinflation. Under inflated tires will wear on the outer edges as opposed to wearing evenly across the face of the tire.

Properly inflated tires wear evenly across the entire face or surface of the tire. This maximizes the life and ensures the lowest cost per mile.

Over inflated tires are a result of the pressure inside heating up. Over inflated tires will wear out in the middle of the tire face. The T-RAC automatic tire management system will release the excess pressure when needed.  The pressure can rise just by having one tire sitting in the sun.